General Female Hair Transplant Questions

female hair loss

Below are some responses to a few basic questions we received from a patient online:

How many grafts/hairs would I require for a good restoration? Could you please point to some examples.

Although for most cases with only frontal hair loss we recommend 1500-2000 grafts on average, your personal recommendation can be above or below that number depending on your eligibility, extent of balding area, history, donor density and scalp laxity.

An example of a female who received 1609 grafts with us can be seen here:

What is the cost for hair transplants (including everything – procedural cost, fees, everything)? I understand you will not be in a position to get me the exact figures without a personal meeting but I need to have some rough idea to estimate my costs.

A hair transplant procedure performed at US Hair Restoration is calculated based on the number of grafts recommended to you. To determine what is recommended for your specific case, we recommend attending a free consultation with Dr. Parsa Mohebi at your earliest convenience. To view additional information on our general hair transplant costs please visit our hair transplant cost page.

There are times that US Hair Restoration offers Standby Rate discounts available to those with flexible schedules for booking the procedure.  Our stand-by option can offer you an additional discount (for discount rates and availability of this option please call 1-888-302-8747). You can also use our financing option in addition to that for your hair restoration.

Can the whole procedure be done in one sitting?

Yes. Overall, most hair restoration procedures performed by at US Hair Restoration will be completed in one day.  Occasionally patients may need more density that is not possible to create in one session or they have extensive hair loss that requires more than one hair transplant session.

Does FUE still have shock loss risks?
Yes, regardless of the technique of harvesting hair we recommend some sort of medication to prevent shock loss after hair transplant surgery.

In regards to your in-depth questions on exact number of grafts, donor hair growth, care after hair transplant, etc:
I recommend calling to schedule a free 30-60 minute consultation in which we can explain more detailed information to you personally and recommend an accurate number of grafts for your specific case.

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