FUE Hair Transplant – Today and Tomorrow

FUE Research Committee

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery established a FUE Research Committee at its latest annual scientific meeting in the Bahamas.  The new committee is solely focused on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedures and the techniques that could be utilized to improve the quality of the FUE procedures. The FUE committee will examine the modern methods of FUE procedures and also conduct comparison studies with other current procedures and hair restoration techniques. ISHRS’s FUE Committee is comprised of several internationally known figures in hair restoration with distinguished background in research and medical innovations.

Chairman of this committee  is in charge of orchestrating this significant effort in setting up studies and multi-center research projects to achieve the goal of this society.

FUE Transplant on the Rise

FUE Transplant Surgery has been transformed in the last few years with emergence of the new techniques of FUE transplantation. These  include automated and robotic extraction devices.  The goal of most these innovative techniques is focused on improving the quality of FUE hair transplantation while minimizing the invasiveness of the procedures. There are new studies that elucidate how FUE grafts should be handled for maximum survival and improved overall results.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the new FUE committee activities.

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