Hair Transplant Cost

With our affordable fees, special discounts and financing, hair transplant cost should no longer be a problem for obtaining US Hair Restoration quality microscopic Follicular Unit Transplants. Please come to one of our clinics for a consultation with Dr. Mohebi today and experience a new standard in hair restoration. Don’t accept anything but the best quality of services and techniques.

Hair transplant cost has to do with the techniques used in different clinics. Many hair transplant clinics still have not started using microscopes for harvesting grafts. Some hair transplant clinics still use mini- and micro-grafts (big or pluggy transplants that usually leave the patient with a patchy spotted pattern) instead of follicular unit transplant, which is the gold standard in hair restoration industry.

We may have occasional or seasonal discounts that you can contact the offices of US Hair Restoration for more information on those.

US Hair Restoration always strives to make hair restoration procedure as affordable as possible so everyone can use our quality and life changing procedures.


Financing of Hair Restoration Procedures

US Hair Restoration No Interest Hair Transplants

US Hair Restoration uses one of the most efficient and user friendly financing options for patients who prefer to pay the cost of their procedures monthly.  Our offices work closely with Springstone Patient FinancingSM to find the most convenient financing options for our patients. We offer no interest financing for 18 months, and low interest financing for longer periods.  Our flexible plans include low monthly payments with no money down and no payment for 3-7 weeks

The process of financing a hair restoration procedure can begin online by selecting from a range of monthly payment options, or by placing an application that will only be shared with the lender if needed to process a credit application. Our financing system uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to provide confidentiality for all communications between our clients and Springstone. All data will only be used to determine the patient’s eligibility.


How do I begin?
Simply call 1-888-302-USHR (1-888-302-8747) to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohebi or to receive more information.

How to schedule?
You need to secure the date of your procedure by $1000 deposit which is refundable if the request is made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled day for surgery. The remaining amount is due prior to procedure with the planned number of grafts. You will be charged only by the number of grafts that you receive.

Are there any additional costs?
No. the charge of surgery covers all consultations, post op visits and medications.