The Hairline and the Rule of Thirds

How the Hairline affects facial proportion

Most people merely consider hair transplant surgery to simply be the permanent remedy for hair loss or complete baldness. It is true modern day hair transplantation is the only truly natural, proven, and permanent option for reversing the effects of hair loss. This art and science continues to improve the lives of thousands of individuals each year by restoring self-confidence and renewed youthfulness. If you want to get more information, you should visit this website.

Most people do not consider the reality that there are times when hair transplant surgery has absolutely nothing to do with restoring hairs which disappeared with time. Rather, for some it is about creating facial symmetry and proportion which may have faded, or never even existed.

The famed Renaissance artist Michelangelo explained about “the rule of thirds”, which is to say there is a proportional frame of the human face. The hairline acts as the top of the frame and the chin as the bottom. These “thirds” are evenly spaced sections that give the face an attractive, aligned appearance: the hairline to the top of the eyebrow, the top of the eyebrow to the base of the nose, the base of the nose to the bottom of the chin. Even a slight alteration in this rule would cause the face to look out of proportion. When it is the hairline that is positioned beyond its desired starting point, the individual tends to look older than they really are.

Female Facial Proportions in ThirdsThe art of creating the desired proportion and facial symmetry in both men and women, with naturally receded hairlines, is treatable as a result of advances in modern day hair transplantation surgery. By using the rule of “thirds”, an experienced hair loss surgeon can design the ideal hairline location and starting point. This is unique for each individual patient. It is through the application of a blend of ingenuity and proper hair transplant surgical training, that a new hairline will mirror the natural growth pattern of the hair, and will act as the ideal top frame of the face.

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