Who Makes a Good Candidate for FUE Transplant



Who makes a good candidate for FUE? Are the cost’s higher than with other techniques you use?


An FUE transplant is best suitable for those who have not experienced a tremendous amount of hair loss and are not expected to advance any further to a higher stage of hair loss. The ideal candidate for an FUE would be someone who falls under the category of a class III on the Norwood scale. A class III patient is one who has not experienced miniaturization on a large area of scalp and has no prior family history of advanced balding. Also, an FUE patient may require several procedures in order to restore their hair, as opposed to just one.

You also asked about the price of a FUE hair transplant.  The cost of FUE transplant is twice as much of the cost of a hair transplant with the strip method per each graft.


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