What Your Beard Says About You

Your Beard Shows Your Real Self

Culture plays a big part in the style of facial hair. The first beard movement, in the 2nd century, was established by Roman Emperor Hadrian who grew a beard to begin a new standard of manliness. Charles Darwin believed that the purpose of beards was to attract females. However, research shows that most women are indecisive about facial hair. Some women are attracted to men with facial hair while others have no preference. It is largely believed that facial hair evolved to indicate dominance among males. In general, what does your beard say about you?

The Full Package

Drawing of Full Beard

A man with a full beard is often thought of as having a scholarly beard. His beard portrays a man with wisdom under his belt. People also associate full beards with historic culture and religious connotations such as Moses or Jesus.

Scruffy Style

Messy Beard Drawing

If you are currently wearing the scruffy look, you are considered a trendy person. Check out any male fashion magazine and you will see a lot of guys with a confident smile and a scruffy face staring back at you. Although it looks like these guys just rolled out of bed and posed for the photo, the scruffy look must actually be maintained.


Sketched Side Burns

Add a thick set of sideburns to some stubble and you have a man who likes to have fun. This look generally needs a thicker hairstyle to make the sideburns mesh but this adds to the playful look.

The Chinstrap

Drawing of a Chinstrap Beard

A man with a chinstrap is usually seen as a bit of a showoff with his accuracy and precision work. It must take a lot of quality mirror time to get that fine line of smooth cheeks and sculptured facial hair.

Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe Facial Hair

A man with a horseshoe mustache is often thought of as a man you don’t mess with. The horseshoe mustache is associated with rebellion and is usually paired with a bandanna, cowboy hat and cool shades.

Handlebar Mustache

Drawing of Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar mustache says you are a man with a pleasant personality. It can give the appearance of a southern gentleman or a barbershop quartet member. Although it may seem like an old-fashioned style, it is certainly a style worn by men of all ages.

A Simple Mustache

Sketch of a Simple Mustache

A man with just a mustache is said to be a bit cocky because the mustache has had the worst reputation of all facial hair styles. By the 70’s, the mustache became a sexual connotation with several subgroups including the swinger mustache and porn mustache. Thankfully, the Movember campaign which raises awareness for prostate and testicular cancer has started to redeem the reputation of the mustache.

The Clean-Shaven Look

Clean Shaven Look

With all of the different facial hair styles, what does a clean-shaven face say about you? Some say a smooth face makes you look preppy while others say it is less manly. However, a smooth face can also be perceived as powerful and ready for the business world. Many men, especially those suffering from hair loss, choose to shave their head and their face to maintain a powerful and confident look.


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