• Six Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant
    The loss of hair on the scalp is common to both men and women. In order to restore the thickness and fullness of hair in the areas where the balding has occurred on the scalp, patients often turn to a hair transplant…
  • Permanent Hair Loss – Learn what causes it
    Hair loss is a common occurrence for both men and women around the world. Thinning hair on the scalp, as well as bald spots with a lack of hair, is often caused by genetics on the part of the patient. However, there…
  • Learn how a Poor Diet Can Lead to Hair Loss
    An unhealthy diet can lead to weight gain and other health issues such as high blood pressure. One additional side effect of a poor diet that is not discussed as often is hair loss. The loss of hair can impact both men…

Types of Hair Loss


Men Hair Loss
Hair loss in men is a common sight around the world. Many people do not understand that male hair loss is a medical disorder known as androgenetic alopecia. It affects up to 60% of the male population in almost every ethnicity; it is also referred to as male patterned baldness (MPB). Advancements in medical science


Women Hair Loss
Female pattern baldness is a specific pattern of hair loss observed in some women. FPB is often caused by hormones, aging, and other genetic factors. This condition is also called female pattern alopecia and female baldness.

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