US Hair Restoration is a premier Los Angeles based hair transplant center.  We recognize the adverse effects of hair loss on people in all walks of life.  Men and women suffering from hair loss confide in us their loss of self esteem and confidence from this medical condition. We are one of the leading Los Angeles hair transplant centers making hair transplant cost affordable while providing the best medical care restoring patents' self image.

Our practice is centered on providing the most innovative and advanced procedures to improve patients’ quality of life through hair restoration.  US Hair Restoration medical centers are lead by one of the world’s best hair transplant doctors, Parsa Mohebi, MD.  Dr. Mohebi and his medical team provide exceptional surgical skills while keeping hair transplant surgery cost within reach. Men and women hair transplant patients serviced at our clinics benefit from our medical team’s attention to detail in patient care.

After consult patients may elect either an FUT hair transplant or an FUE hair transplant; each gives natural, permanent and proven results for male and female hair loss treatment. US Hair Restoration remains at the cutting edge of advanced hair transplant technologies reducing the cost of hair restoration. We make affordable hair transplants available through special promotions and a variety of financing options to suit our patients’ needs. We welcome you to call our office now to learn about our special savings and schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohebi. 

Based in Southern California, our hair transplant centers are located in Encino, Beverly Hills, Orange County and San Francisco, US Hair Restorations expert medical team are ready to serve and provide you with the best in hair restoration