Hair Transplant Repair

Hair Transplant Repair

Here at US Hair Restoration (USHR), we practice modern procedures which produce undetectable and natural results. Older techniques of hair transplants such as plugs or mini-grafts which cause unnatural results can now have a repair procedure to revise the abnormal appearance to a perfectly natural and refined one.

Our goal is to create the most natural appearance for your hair. Abnormalities can be easily repaired using the following hair transplantation techniques.

  1. Camouflage and repair of large hair grafts or plugs.
    Old plugs or large mini- and micro-grafts could be easily hidden by removing them and producing a natural hair appearance using follicular unit grafts. This method in selected patients can usually eliminate the pluggy look of hair in one session. The removed hair follicles are used to make follicular units that can be recycled and transplanted. To create a natural appearance of hair with refined follicular grafts, hair transplant surgeon often needs more hair follicles that are collected from the back of the scalp.
  2. Repair of unnatural hair direction.
    Unnatural hair direction particularly in frontal and hairline areas can be very disturbing for patients and causes great difficulties with hairstyling. Using single hair follicular units enable hair transplant surgeons to control the direction and distribution of the hair. This is not the case in patients with old technique surgery using large grafts. The direction of hair in these patients can be corrected by removing individual hair follicles with unnatural direction and replacing them with follicular unit grafts in natural direction and orientation.
  3. Repair of abnormal hairline.
    Abnormal hairline is either due to pluggy appearance of the hairline or designing problems. Normal hairline is generally irregular with a transitional appearance in front and a densely packed area behind it. Orientation of normal hairline is so irregular that one should never be able to connect the dots to make a straight line. Transitional irregular hairline could be easily created by implanting refined follicular unit grafts giving a natural and undetectable result.
  4. Repair of scalp scars from scalp reduction, cranial surgeries and open donor.
    Scar of any scalp procedures such as scalp reduction, old plug surgery, trauma or neurosurgical procedures can be easily filled with transplanting follicular units into the scars. Patients may need more than one procedure in order to increase the hair density in the scar area and to minimize the sharp contrast between the scar and the hairy area of the scalp around the scar.

Many patients who have had a bad experience with old hair transplant surgeries are unaware of modern hair transplant advantages and are reluctant to seek help because of their previous experience. However, those who are well informed on updated repair procedures can enjoy a normal and quite natural hair and hairline.

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