Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

can stress causes hair lossSome hair loss is correlated to stress. This type of hair loss is generally reversible and does not require medical treatment or hair transplant. Hair loss induced by stress usually occurs after severe stress, such as surgery, starvation, emotional stressful situation or illness. Stress and hair loss don’t have to be permanent. Getting your emotional stress under control or alleviating a physical stressor usually results in your hair growing back.

How Stress Causes Hair Loss

Extreme stress can interrupt the normal hair growth cycle. Your body may want to spend its vital resources on more essential organs such as heard and brain so the luxury hair could be cut off its supply. As much as seventy percent of your hair can prematurely and nearly simultaneously enter the resting phase (telogen.) The hair that entered telogen phase will start to fall in a few days to weeks following the stressful condition.  This process can cause noticeable hair loss which is usually known as telogen effluvium.

The person will not become completely bald but the thinning is readily apparent in most cases. The delay from the trigger stressor seems causes confusion on the part of the patient concerned about hair loss. In most instances hair will begin to grow back within three to six months.  In a minute percentage of people, telogen effluvium may be only the trigger for longer term hair loss.  Those are generally people who are prone to patterned hair loss and stressor can accelerate the inevitable loss of hair that was destined to occur anyway.

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