Celebrity Non-Shaven FUE Hair Transplant

Celebrity Non Shaven FUE Hair TransplantMany people ponder the idea of having a hair transplant but are hesitant because they don’t want anyone to know they are having the procedure. Furthermore, not everybody is keen on having their head shaved to grow new hair. Other people want the benefit of a fuller head of hair but cannot manage the recovery and downtime needed for hair restoration. If this is the case, these patients might be good candidates for celebrity non-shaven FUE hair transplant.

Advantages of Celebrity Non-Shaven FUE Hair Transplant

Celebrity FUE is not just for celebrities. It was designed for patients who do not want others to know they are going bald. This hair transplant method is considered a minor hair transplant since only 500 to 1000 hairs will be harvested and transplanted during one session. Celebrity non-shaven FUE does not require the donor, or recipient site, to be shaved prior to the procedure. This helps to make the treatment virtually undetectable. For these reasons, discretion is the biggest advantage of celebrity FUE. Furthermore, there is little to no discomfort associated with the recovery and minimal downtime is needed. In fact, patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

A Quick Glance at the Procedure

The procedure is like FUE hair transplant in that a small punch is used to extract the hair follicles from the back of the head and transfer them to the lacking area. The patient may experience minimal pain or discomfort. Most side effects are limited to the skin level and may include redness, minimal swelling, pimples, scabbing or folliculitis. Scarring is not usually an issue since the pin-point size dots will be diffusely arranged along the back of the head and the existing hair will conceal them. Since there is a limited number of grafts being manipulated, the recovery is a lot faster.

Disadvantages of Celebrity Non-Shaven FUE Hair Transplant

The biggest disadvantage is the limitation of grafts which can be taken per session as opposed to the traditional method which can transplant over 2000 grafts. A conservative FUE procedure can provide fuller coverage at less of a cost. Some people have the misconception that, since less hair will be harvested, it will cost less money. However, that isn’t true. Celebrity non-shaven FUE takes longer because it is performed manually rather than utilizing robotic techniques as with traditional FUE. Consequently, it is more labor-intensive since the process involves individually harvesting the grafts. It can take 4 to 8 hours to complete the surgery so the cost will average around $10,000. Furthermore, patients will typically need multiple procedures since fewer grafts are used during each surgery.


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