Donor Wound Care After Hair Transplant

Donor wound care after hair transplantQ:

When I do look down placing more tension or pull on the tight donor area, I noticed it is also pulling my neck muscles and there is no laxity at all (compared to the right).  There is no up or down movement possible of any subcutaneous tissue or the galea at the donor site. Is this normal? If the tightness does not subside, what solution options are there?

I also understand there are recommended scalp exercises before and after HT surgeries?



It is normal to feel tension on the side that we removed the strip.  Skin needs a few weeks to get relaxed and stretches to compensate for the removed area.  Although we generally recommend scalp exercise before hair restoration surgeries with strip technique, you should avoid scalp exercise after hair transplant for the first 3 or 4 months.

I recommend that you avoid all movements that increase the tension in the area until you feel that the tension on the skin is gone.  If you put too much stretch on the back of your head in the first few months after hair transplant, you running the risk of stretching the donor scar.

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