Don’t Succumb to Hair Loss Scams

People are often victime to hair loss scams.The amount of money spent on bogus hair loss products and treatments since the e founding of America may well be enough to pay off our national debt. Or at least put a serious dent in it! Hair loss patients are too often the wishful or unwitting dupe to charlatans proposing the miracle cure to baldness.

So just in case you’re not aware below are 5 of the top Hair Loss Scams or at least the jargon used to give people false hope.

1)  Blocked Hair Follicles!  Our special, magical, combination of exotic herbs and spices will unblock them and presto your hair will pop back out. No it won’t!

2)  You are afflicted with poor scalp circulation!  Hmmm…have you ever noticed that even a bald scalp bleeds when cut. This is affront to ones intelligence.

3)  Malnourished follicles!  Forget all the bald guys in the organic food section; just look at all those buff healthy athletes in all the major sports.  Some seriously healthy men with bald heads!

4)  It’s imported from afar! As long as its not made in the USA it must be good, that darn government is holding back the cure…not true in the rest of the world. It has to work, right? No, there are bald men everywhere!

5)  It’s An Ancient Secret Formula!  That’s it those cavemen had it right all that hair from head to toe keeping them warm, they couldn’t have been bald. Ludicrous, if there were an ancient secret formula known every hair restoration doctor and pharmaceutical company would be trying to market it.

We know that people with hair loss suffer from reduced self image and esteem. We don’t like to see them ripped off.  Los Angeles best hair restoration doctors care about their patients and only recommend medically approved treatments.

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