Will a Hair Transplant Help Your Job Prospects?

Earlier this year, in an L.A. Times story, business columnist David Lazarus said he had visited a hair transplant center’s open house and noticed a lot of men in attendance. A lot more than he expected. He spoke to the director of the business and found out that, these days, a lot of the men looking for hair transplants are hoping to increase their job prospects by having a full head of hair.

Some studies have shown that people who are more attractive, or are not overweight, or are younger, tend to have an edge on the job market. They get paid more, are more likely to get promoted, and are likely to be treated better. Although this finding may be saddening, it unfortunately may be somewhat of a reality.

Considering this finding, there are balding men in our society who believe they can increase their job prospects by having a full head of hair. It may simply turn out to be a psychological edge, or a self-image booster, for these men to perform well during their interviews.

Nevertheless, what seems more important is the manner in which a job seeker presents himself to his prospective employer. The answers he gives, his attitude, eye contact, and overall vibe. But, it seems, to some people, it wouldn’t hurt to have a full head of hair.  Plus, due to the current state of the economy, hair transplant costs are at an all-time low for high-quality hair restorations.

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