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I come from china ,I have a few questions:

In your experience,usually Asians(chinese people) the normal growth of the number of roots Per cm² of hair? Head at the top and post-occipital whether there are different?
using FUE technology,on one operation ,After the occipital Site  get the maxinum number of FU (Asians including 2-3 days operation) at present,how much FU can be planted per square centimeter on Planting area? Between the scope of? and the percentage with normal?


Here are the answers in the order they were received:

The number of hair follicles

The number of hair follicles in non-balding areas of scalp like occipital areas have been studied.  A range of 80 – 120 follicular units (FUs) per centimeter were reported. The density of follicular units vary in different locations of the scalp. Also, the number of hairs per follicular unit vary in different areas and with different races. For example, Asians usually have less number of hair follicles per cm², so even with similar number of FUs per cm², the density of their donor area is still less than Caucasians. To calculate the number of hair per cm², you have to average the number of hairs per FU and multiply it by the number of FUs per cm².

Difference of hair on top and back

The shaft of hair may or may not be different in different areas of the scalp. Obviously, if you are balding, you see more miniaturization and less terminal hair, which makes the appearance of the hair less dense on the area. However, without baldness, hair quality would be the same in back and top of the head.

FUE and number of grafts

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is more labor intense and requires more time for harvesting the grafts. For that reason, FUE procedures are generally smaller in terms of the number of grafts per session. What we do at US Hair Restoration is up to 1,500 grafts per day on average, for 8 to 10 hours work in a FUE procedure. The number may occasionally go up to 2,000 grafts, too, but not everyone can expect to get that number with FUE.

Density of transplanted hair

There are many research projects on this topic. The number can be as high as normal density in some circumstances. However, practically we can make up to 35%-40% of the normal density in one session. This is a good number if you consider that the density of hair on frontal areas could be about half of the hair on the donor area in some patients, so 35%-40% is not that far from the normal density in those patients.

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