Estrogen and Hair Loss in Men


I have heard high estrogen in males can contribute to hair loss. Is that true? I am a 40 year old man with low sex drive and female patterned hair loss.


High levels of estrogen in men could be seen in many other conditions such as estrogen-producing tumors, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, chronic alcoholism and advanced liver disorders. Elevation of estrogen in men can cause sexual dysfunction, change in body fat distribution in a female pattern and breast enlargement and secretion.

Balding is not a typical sign of excess estrogen. In fact one of the signs of estrogen deficiency could be hair loss in female patients. A common type of this kind of hair loss is seen in telogen effluvium that women lose hair due to sudden drop of estrogen and progesterone levels. Although excess estrogen is generally not the trigger for hair loss, it can affect the balance of other hormones and indirectly cause hair loss. The latter is not a common cause of hair loss in men or women though.

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