Eyebrow Enhancer Product – Talika


Eyebrow RestorationQ:

I have used Talika to restore my eyebrows with not much help.  What do you recommend for eyebrow hair restoration?


Talika and many other agents which increase hair volume can be found in the market as cosmetic products. They do not necessarily enhance the density or the thickness of hair shafts permanently.  Talika is a transparent gel filled with fibers. The fibers act as new eyebrows and stay in place for a full day after a one time application. The eyebrow hair shafts look thicker, which is all some people need to have better-looking eyebrows.

There are no FDA-approved medications that can increase the growth of eyebrows permanently. An eyebrow hair transplant is the only permanent solution to restore a person’s eyebrows. By receiving an eyebrow transplant, patients can expect to have naturally growing hair that is transplanted into the eyebrow area. Hair follicles are taken from the scalp so its growth is similar to scalp hair and needs to be trimmed every few days. The result can be completely natural. People with very little native hair may need more than one eyebrow hair transplant for maximum density.

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