Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Myths

A hair transplant is an effective way to improve thinning hair or to transfer hair to an area of the head that has become lacking. While there are many myths about why we lose our hair, there are also myths about receiving hair via a hair transplant. Let’s take a look at some of these age-old myths:

Myths About Hair Loss and Hair TransplantHair loss happens when you shampoo too often

While showering or bathing, you may see a lot of hair collecting at the drain. This can seem frightening and cause you to think that you are losing your hair because you shampoo too often. However, this is not true. It is a fact that we lose 100 to 200 hairs each day. It is like shedding the old and making way for the new so go ahead and wash your hair.

You can go bald by wearing a hat all the time

Whoever is telling you that may just want you to stop wearing a hat so much. Although wearing a hat can cause a buildup of sweat which can clog the pores and cause pimples, a hat is not going to cause your hair to fall out.

Clogged pores can cause hair loss

Clogged pores can be an issue for some people but it cannot stop hair from growing on a large scale. If a pore becomes clogged, the hair becomes trapped and turns into an ingrown hair which forms a pimple. However, a large number of clogged pores can lead to an itchy scalp. Furthermore, constant scratching from an itchy or dry scalp can damage the tissue and hair follicles. Shampooing your hair and exfoliating the scalp can help maintain a healthy head of hair.

The donor hair comes from someone else

Although surgeons do transplant organs from one patient to the next, hair transplants are not like that. The surgeon will actually take the donor hair from the patient’s own head. It will come from the area in the back of the head known as the “safe zone”.

Transplanted hair from your head will also fall out

This is kind of true but also false. The back of the head is resistant to hair loss which is why the donor hair is taken from this region. However, 3-4 weeks after the hair is transplanted, it does go through a shedding period and will fall out. This is only temporary as new hair will soon grow and become permanent.

Hair transplants don’t look natural

Over the years, technology has created newer techniques that make hair restoration a natural looking procedure. The average person will never be able to tell that a patient had hair restoration surgery.


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