Danish Company Brings Hair Restoration to Beverly Hills

Hair loss can be detrimental to a person and cause a decrease in self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, depression, decreased motivation and social anxiety. Hair loss can also impede relationship and occupational growth.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Meet Heidi Imhof

When Heidi Imhof, a lawyer in Florida, started to lose her hair at the age of 42, she also began to lose sleep. Ms. Imhof’s morning routine consisted of washing and blow drying her straight hair. When she noticed excessive shedding and patchy bald spots, she feared her hair care routine would cause additional balding. Therefore, Mr. Imhof began getting up two hours earlier for work so she could allow her hair to dry naturally before strategically pulling it back to hide the bald patches.

Heidi Tries Harklinikken

After trying other hair restoration options, Ms. Imhof heard about Harklinikken. They are a Danish company that offers a customized hair extract to patients who pass a fairly rigorous selection process. Patients that are not good candidates include:

Since compliance is a major factor in achieving the desired results, prospective patients are questioned about their dedication to sticking to a strict regimen. The product must be applied daily, and left on for 6 hours, for several months. Patients must conform to using the company’s hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner and all styling products. Patients must also maintain regular check-ups with the provider who will chart the results by photographing and magnifying the scalp. Furthermore, new hairs and active follicles will be counted.

This entire process helps to monitor the progress and motivate the patient to stick to the program. Ms. Imhof fit the criteria and began her new quest with Harklinikken. After applying the tea-colored serum for three months, at $88 a month, Ms. Imhof overcame her embarrassment about her patchy hair loss. Earlier this year, she told The New York Times, “You can’t see holes in my hair anymore.”

An Expansion into America

Although they are a 25-year old multinational company, Harklinikken does not advertise. Most people hear of Harklinikken because of a patient referral. However, the company is starting an aggressive expansion. In June, a clinic opened in New York and consultations for Harklinikken became available at 70 clinics in Florida in August. The company plans to operate in all 50 states within the next two years. In fact, they recently opened an outpost in Beverly Hills and plan on bringing their hair restoration formula to California patients.


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