Is My Donor Hair Thick Enough for Hair Transplantation?


Miniaturization Study Performed on A Balding MaleIs my donor area thick enough and did I have any signs of miniaturization there? Most men I have seen that are bald on top have a much thicker back area of their hair that is not affected by mpb than I do. From your experience and knowledge is it good enough not only to be used as a donor now, but also in the future if I need to cover crown or do any other procedure. It seems to me that my hair is too thin in the back to conceal a scar and that it might possibly thin out a lot when im older. But I’m not a professional so please give me your opinion and insight. The scars all look thin enough for contentment but its when you dont have hair growing around it making it look like someone scrapped a bald line in the back of your head with a hair cutting tool.


When I reviewed your microscopic exam I found it to shows you have only 10% miniaturization in that particular area.  Less than 20% hair miniaturization measurement is within normal range for someone with male pattern baldness (MPB). As we discussed before, if you keep your hair the same length as during your consultation, you should not be able to see the scar. We perform double edged trichophytic closure for most patients which minimizes the visibility of a scar even when you decide to keep your hair very short.

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