Liquid Minoxidil

liquid minoxidil


I’ve been using 5% topical minoxidil in liquid form for five months and see some positive results (I think) but I have two side effects:

1) itchiness–it’s mild, I can live with it

2) a crust forms that’s dry and I can pick it off, little dry flakes–that is.

Questions are simple:

1) Can/should I still use it?

2) is the foam better to avoid these symptoms?

3) Is there an inexpensive hair conditioner or shampoo I should use? Appreciate your feedback/thoughts…thanks


1) Can/should I still use it?

Minoxidil use is lifetime in most cases. If you stop using it, you may lose the hair which grew from its effect. This is called shock loss and many people experience it when they get tired of minoxidil use and stop it after using it for a few years.

2) Is the foam better to avoid these symptoms?

To avoid the itching, the foam is better based on reports I am gathering from my patients who tried them both.

3) I am not aware of any conditioner and shampoo that can be used to help the growth of hair. There are some shampoos with active ingredients such as minoxidil. However, they efficiency in comparison to minoxidil topical solution is questioned.

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