Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for hair restoration


Hi Dr Mohebi,

Can you tell me your opinion on products like iGrow (low level laser therapy).

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Low Level Laser Therapy Cap used for Hair RestorationUnfortunately, there has been very little research done on different types of laser treatments for hair restoration and most studies are done in small numbers, lacking significant results.  As you already know there are a variety of devices such as laser combs, hoods, or brushes, yet most of these do not show significant improvement like I continue hearing from my patients who used them before. In spite of all this, I have heard a growing number of hair specialists talk about how they are seeing good results from the Laser Cap.

It seems like the best candidates are people with generalized hair thinning, as in typical female patterned hair loss.  Laser cap treats entire scalp with 224 individual red 5mw – 650 laser diodes.  This is much more coverage than the comb or other hand held laser devices offers.

I reviewed your file and based on your microscopic evaluation from 3 years ago you might be a good candidate.  However, I would like to evaluate your current condition with another microscopic evaluation.

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