Sex and Hair Loss

balding and sexPeople believe they lose hair due to having too much sex.  The fact is that most patients attempt to find a reason for rapid loss of hair in the early stages.  Thas is often the same age that they are most active sexualy.  The combination of the two may convince them that they may have lost their hair due to having too much sex in those years.

These people are not the only balding peole who try to find an environmental situation and blame it for their genetic balding problem.  Many people blame their partner, bad relations, stressful situations and other significant events in their lives for their hair loss.  The reality is that gene, sex and time are the only major contributors to male or female patterned hair loss and environmental factors only may accelerate the presentation of the hair loss.  Normal people without balding gene may lose hair for different reason, namely stressful conditions, but the hair always grow back when stressor is gone.   This is not the case for people who have the gene of hair loss that may never grow their back what they lost after losing it due to stressors.

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