Transplanting Hair to a Genetically Receded Hairline


I was born with a receded hairline and have always been concerned about it. Can the area that is receded still be corrected, even if there has never been any hair there in the first place?

Receded hairlineA:

Fortunately, with quality hair restoration, we are able to redesign your hairline with your final outcome in mind. Designing a hairline that was not present before is possible but each patients desires must be evaluated to determine how reasonable their expectations are. Because not all hair loss patients have the same expectations, it is not easy to say whether or not your expectations are possible. Each case is different and must be evaluated by the hair transplant surgeon to determine eligibility and possible graft numbers.

To be evaluated, we recommend attending a consultation with a good hair transplant doctor. If you are interested to schedule a consultation with US Hair Restoration California Offices, they are located in Encino, Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco, CA.

If for any reason you are unable to attend a consultation in one of the US Hair Restoration’s offices, we recommend alternatively scheduling for a phone/internet consultation with the doctor. To fill out an online request form for a consultation with Dr. Mohebi, please see our Online Hair Loss Consultation page. Upon receipt of your information, we will follow up with you with a list questions and photos that are needed for the doctor to offer you a valid professional¬†opinion.

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