Cost of FUE Hair Transplants at US Hair Restoration – Los Angeles


I have read some good things about your practice and I am willing to travel. I am in need of 1500 to 2000 graphs placed using FUE. Please let me know the price/graft you have available. I have been quoted 4/graph but was not comfortable with the doctor.

PS. A representative at Bosley is saying FUE is not possible at 1500 to 2000 graphs. Is this true? I am not trusting this notion. Thank you


Thank you for your interest in our quality hair restoration services and for taking the necessary time to contact our office regarding your inquiries. Although I cannot personally evaluate your options or offer you recommended graft numbers without reviewing your past and current medical history, I have taken the time to address your questions below.

– You stated that you are in need of 1500-2000 FUE grafts.
Here at US Hair Restoration, the regular cost for FUE hair transplant services is $8.00 per graft.

los angeles hair transplant, hair restoration cost*If you have a flexible schedule and willingness to book for your procedure within 7-10 days of the hair transplant then you are eligible to take advantage of our standby option which offers a discount on the total cost of your procedure. T
he current discount percentage fluctuates, so please call our office for more information on the current seasonal rate.

– You stated that you were not comfortable with the previous clinic you consulted. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the last clinic you consulted for a hair transplant, we urge you to continue consulting doctors until you find the perfect fit. Finding the perfect physician for you will likely not happen over night, but the research to achieve your best possible results is well worth the wait.

РAs for a Bosley representative saying that 1500-2000 FUE grafts is not possible, I would not necessarily agree. To be sure, you would need to be evaluated in a consultation for other restricting conditions. Because FUE procedures are so meticulous and time consuming, many doctors do not want to plan for over 1500 FUE grafts to be transplanted in one day. This is not to say that it is impossible to transplant more than 1500 FUE grafts in one day, but 1500 transplanted grafts of FUE will typically take about 8 -12 hours of work for the doctor and technicians. We do not like to push our patients, or surgical team to the limit, so if any patient is wanting more than 1500 FUE grafts we elect to break up the surgery between two or more days of work (up to 1500 FUE grafts per surgery day).

If you would like to schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your options and graft number recommendations, submit an online consultation form through the main US Hair Restoration website and one of our patient coordinators will respond when they have a free moment. Thank you for your inquiries.

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